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Man: 37y (USA) 3k visits

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Man: 38y (USA) 2.1k visits

13 videos - 257 favs - 56 photos

I’m young, gay, in-shape, have tattoos and I’m VGL and I believe in aliens and karma. Be mindful, respectful and humble yourself, Karma exists, she’s a bitch and she don’t play, no one is safe.. there’s no running or hiding. Okay so, I live in New Jersey (at the Jersey Shore). I do volunteering/ charity work, I love cooking, listening to music, watching movies and you’ll usually find me at Sandy Hook’s “Gunnison” (nude) beach during the Summer. I like taking long walks with my pup. I like fishing/ boating, golf, billiards and shopping, I’m a gaymer, I write and I’m a dog dad. I’m laidback, easygoing and I get along with and play well with others. I’m an uninhibiTed submissive cum-hungry bottom and I’m ISO (tops mostly) friends/ FWB for some hot NSA fun. I’m a very dedicated cock sucker and my “happy place” is right in between a man’s legs and just disconnect from myself inhale some alkyl nitrites and just suck on his cock for hours, especially if there’s sTuff to smoke (I’m also coke, alkyl nitrites and 420 friendly) But yeah, I really love parTying (if kydz are allowed to be prescribed and take adderall, then goddammit, I can smoke my damn meth) there’s nothing grater than getting lost in the clouds for a while. Like I always say, **work hard - parTy harder - sTay hydraTed** I love Tweaking out and chilling out with the shadow people,, it’s all about the moments we all share with one another. The conversations we have and the memories we make are timeless and cherished! I’m COVID vaccinated and I’m scheduled for my booster shot soon.


Gay man: 59y (USA) 128.2k visits

227 videos - 540 favs - 276 photos

Go watch my pleasure videos and enjoy my pictures - keep what you want. I love lots of views and comments!

Lucca Ferrari

Man: 20y (Brazil) 31.6k visits

6 videos

twitter: @lucc4ferrari


Man: 33y (Canada) 3.2k visits

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Gay man: 36y (Argentina) 3.6k visits

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Man: 32y (Brazil) 9.4k visits

5 videos - 6 favs - 7 photos

Gato bi 20cm de rola top, sempre a fim de putaria!


Man: 26y (USA) 2.8k visits

3 photos


Gay man: 28y (Mexico) 20.7k visits

17 videos - 2 photos



Man: 22y (Mexico) 5.7k visits

Jeffrey Hewitt

Gay man: 47y (USA) 80.1k visits

17 videos - 21 favs


Man: (Brazil) 2.6k visits

10 videos - 106 favs - 177 photos

Quero machos fodedor de cú, que goste de ser mamado e ter seu leite engolido por um viado submisso...


Man: 42y (Venezuela) 75.9k visits

11 videos - 4,850 favs - 20 photos

Pana serio, descomplicadl, full morboso, pendiente de panas morbosos, varoniles, lecheros. Escribeme y cuadramos para sacarte toda la leche como me lo pidas. contacten por correo


Gay man: 30y (Brazil) 24.7k visits

53 favs - 14 photos

quero macho que adora fuder uma bunda gostosa


Man: (USA) 29.5k visits

12 videos - 172 photos

Wanna KIK, message me!! Wanna donate to me I'd love that alot. Thats how you get my attention. Pennsylvania here


Man: 31y (USA)


Man: 20y (Bangladesh) 2.1k visits

3 videos - 2 photos

I am gay versatile


Man: 40y (Brazil) 346.9k visits

11 videos - 346 favs

Sou um marido que ama ver sua esposa transando com comedores desconhecidos.


Man: 56y (USA) 3.3k visits

I'm a twink lover from Tulsa Oklahoma. I enjoy Twink porn, hardcore BDSM porn. I wish that I could find a hung twink that lives in Tulsa, that will fuck me really good, let me suck his cock and swallow his sweet protein filled cum and treat me like the good submissive that I am! My phone number is 918-361-8326. Contact me, if you're a young hung sexy twink that wants to let me do what he wants me to do. Nothing too kinky or violently painful. I really do, need to get fucked really good, cause, it's been over a year since I've gotten a good fucking. I prefer 18-29 year old twins, but, up to half of my age, and I'm 50 and don't look like it! I am bisexual, mostly gay, fairly discreet, because, I am a member of an Extremist Church! I'm proud of it and I keep the gay tendencies kind of shoved into the closet a little bit. I'm White and I love White and Native American Twinks! If your a minority, anything, except Blacks! I like Mexicans, because a Mexican vocalist saved my life! I am a very proud member of the world wide SuiCyco Army and I love and have Suicidal Tendencies! My music is extreme in many ways, all the way from the soft side of music to the extremely hard side of music. I like Comedy and Horror movies, especially, sick and twisted and gory videos! The more realistic, the better! I Love TROMA movies, also! I grew up loving all the ones that I watched growing up! From Attack of the Killer Tomatoes to Bloodsucking Freaks to The Toxic Avenger! I get SSDI and I've been diagnosed as Schizo Effective Bi-Polar! I have an anger problem, but I'm a gentle giant and it's really hard to make me really angry! I have a Sarcastic and Optimistic outlook on Reality! I love Sick, Twisted, Bizarre and Racially Offensive jokes! I am kind of shy, so it's better if someone was to make the first move. Be patient with me, because, I'm a little slow with some things in Reality! I have a Best Friend and we are extremely close, but have never been Legally Married. My Church would frown on That! He is more heterosexual than I am. And, it's kind of an open relationship. Right now, He is in jail, his court date is January 12th and I pray that he doesn't go "down", that he gets Mental Health Court, or, even get time served. Time served would be better for me. So I could have help with my reality and these extremely different days that are sure to come, as the brown dwarf star passes by the Earth as it makes its way out of our Galaxy. Many feel, that we are in the Last Days, that have been talked about over all time and the last days predicted in the Bible! I definitely, need to get fucked, at least three times before the days ceases to exist! I don't have a vehicle, so my transportation is limited to walking or taking the bus. My bicycle got stolen from me, just, a month ago and I'm trying to get used to walking again! . I need a hung young Twink to let me perform mostly any desire that he wishes me to do. I have drank piss before, but, I'm not into defication of blood. I like a little hard core play Acting but nothing too extreme and forced upon, that is about the only quick way to set my anger off! I don't like fighting,, unless it's just playing around. I have to know that it's playing around, first, or else it could set off my temper! I'm honest, loyal, friendly, shy, somewhat intelligent and aware of most of the things in my reality! I have had fantasies about getting brutally fucked by around 18 Sk8terboys or Emo or Skinhead or Punker/ Metalhead Twinks! Basically, a gang bang situation with a mostly consensual sexual acts, a little hard core play would be nice! If I could have this fantasy fulfilled before I leave this Earth, I would be so thankful for the pleasurable experience! The straighter, the Twinks, the better! Please, give me a chance!


Man: (USA) 1.4k visits

2 videos


Gay man: 18y (Peru) 15.6k visits

9 videos

Soy alguien introvertido, estoy estudiando en una uni, soy pasivo tal como dice mi nombre jaja,me gustan hombres( y mujeres) pero soy pasivo, raro, no? Me encanta que me dominen, Me interesan los videojuegos, el anime, series, etc. Y si lo vemos mientras follamos mejor jeje, mi aficion es ser dominado jsje, me encanta, quieres grabar conmigo? Escríbeme, solo pido un poquito de incentivo, $:3 jsje<3


Man: 54y (USA) 8k visits

2 videos

My wife and I are looking for some more role-playing people...if we start liking each other maybe meet in real. . .we like role-playing with people acting too be our friends childr or neighbors...


Man: 29y (USA) 3.2k visits

Just looking for some adventure and experience in life. Avid watcher of pornography I wish porn was a more talked about and open subject and not treated like such a secret. We all watch it and we all enjoy it, so why not be more open about it. Life would be better and more comfortable if we all accepted that porn is amazing.


Gay man: 23y (Brazil) 17.8k visits

163 favs - 4 photos

SOU EU NA FOTO DE PERFIL PAREM DE PERGUNTAR! Hi! :D Twitter: @vidy99 19 anos Campinas-SP Brazil


Man: 39y (United Kingdom) 32.3k visits

100 videos

Porn video actor. ;)


Man: 23y (USA) 7.5k visits

4 videos - 2 photos

HMU at Cataloniantreasure2 anyday. Kik: Cataloniantreasure2


Man: 26y (China) 5.5k visits

1 video


Man: 31y (Korea) 26.4k visits

20 videos - 61 photos

Private message me, I’d love to be friends with hot people ;)


Man: 18y (Brazil) 2.2k visits

4 videos

Vamos fazer oque se tem de melhor, enquanto a tempo!


Man: 25y (India) 23.3k visits

8 videos - 42 favs - 41 photos

Hello everyone! Dont feel hesitant to text me will rly your texts for sure. Looking forward to make some good friends out here and do comment on my videos and pictures and share your views. Do text me to know more

Adam Ethann

Gay couple: 21y (Russia) 56.3k visits

7 videos

Ofc Diego Fontes

Man: 22y (Brazil) 4.8k visits

9 videos

Homem pansexual, Ator pornográfico


Transvestite gay man: 30y (USA) 1.4k visits

6 videos - 1 fav - 3 photos


Man: 34y (Mexico) 30.8k visits

8 videos - 2,228 favs


Gay man: 25y (Guatemala) 16.7k visits

64 favs

Hairydick It

Man: 33y (Italy) 9.9k visits

4 photos

Hairy uncut boy from Italy. I Love Hairy


Gay man: 32y (Colombia) 11.2k visits

10 favs

Gordo Rabudo

Gay man: 28y (Brazil) 36.8k visits

28 favs - 2 photos

Tenho Skype e whatsapp é só pedir. Moro na zona leste de sp e sou passivo morro de vontade de dar pra um macho bem tesudo. não curto caras afeminados, travesti etc


Man: (Canada) 7.6k visits

6 videos - 31 favs - 66 photos

Horny 24/7 Physique Model Calgary Alberta CANADAS SEXIEST CITY


Man: 30y (Spain) 3.8k visits

8 photos

Pregunta sin miedo. Chaval de barcelona morboso y travieso con ganas de morbazo. 1-1 o grup.


Man: 35y (United Kingdom) 2k visits

3 videos

Im looking4 older guys


Man: 36y (Brazil) 23.7k visits

20 favs

NÃO CURTO MULHER / SEXO FEMININO / Versátil Liberal, curto de afeminados a discretos, de magrelos a fortinhos, porem não curto obesos, tipo Rei momo do carnaval. Curto dos lisos ao peludos (esses ganham muita preferencia), do novinhos aos maduros, estes que estejam em forma, fofinho somente eu rsrs. Curto filmar, no entanto não curto revelar meu rosto nas filmagens.


Man: 23y (Mexico) 20k visits

6 videos - 146 favs - 19 photos

Soy del estado y cercano de cdmx, bisexual, medio gordito y versátil. Adoro usar todo tipo de prendas (en especial la lycra). Manden mensaje y solicitudes, respondo lo más rápido posible. Principalmente me gustaría hacer [email protected], cogíamigos y progresar. Me encantan los femboys y trapitos :3. Puede que hablemos por Twitter, Instagram o Skype. Mucho besos en donde gusten 7w7


Man: (Mexico) 3.2k visits

3 videos

Soy mexicano algo nuevo en esto estare subiendo contenido y espero y les guste


Gay couple: 32y (Asia) 1.7k visits

10 videos

Horny bottom hungry ? for big dick i live hard fuck and ic can take dick oll the day and stall hungry


Man: 31y (Brazil) 2.3k visits

8 photos


Man: 47y (USA) 2.3k visits

8 photos


Man: 57y (USA) 9.1k visits

5 videos

WANNABE PORNSTAR! Absolute Sex fiend! Bi-Curious, love giving Anal Sex, Eating Pussy and Ass! Would luv to be PEGGED by a young nasty lil Slut! Love being Nekkid as much as possible! I'm nekkid right now! If I was born a female I would be A TOTAL SLUT! Fucking, Sucking Eating Ass and Pussy, and shooting loads of cum. Classic porn! fucking over and over. If I was born a female I would be A TOTAL SLUT! Favorite Movies and TV Shows: porn, If I was born a female I would be A TOTAL SLUT! Favorite Music: classic rock Heavy Metal- If I was born a female I would be A TOTAL SLUT! Favorite Books: If I was born a female I would be A TOTAL SLUT! Turn Ons: Small tits, nice cocks, Buttsexx, giving facials, pussy squirting! Anything involving SEX. Taking toys in my ass. If I was born a female I would be A TOTAL SLUT!


Gay man: 28y (Russia) 57.8k visits

13 videos

We are two liberated guys from Russia who love BDSM, dog masks, fuck without condoms, group sex and golden shower.

Sdk Togo

Man: 22y (Togo)

2 videos


Man: 46y (USA) 2.8k visits

1 fav

Easy going. Sex is supposed to be easy and fun. No strings. No pressure. Just pleasure.


Man: 31y (Spain) 20k visits

6 videos - 9 photos

27 yo bottom! Love making vids, exhibitionism! Love it when you leave comments!


Man: 31y (USA) 2.1k visits

5 videos

I love to fuck the people I like.


Man: (Switzerland) 5.5k visits

31 videos - 75 photos

Open for a lot...


Man: 56y (USA) 2.8k visits

'40's. 5'7". Weigh 143. Mixed. Bb bottom into youthful dudes to put their loads in my asshole.


Man: 39y (United Kingdom) 7.7k visits

999 favs - 13 photos

Hi everyone.


Gay man: 32y (Colombia) 3.7k visits

3 videos - 2 photos

I'm excited to be here because we will play and fun. Always horny and able. Estoy emocionado de estar aquí porque vamos a jugar y divertirnos, siempre caliente y dispuesto.

Big Boy Chandigarh

Man: 29y (India) 17.9k visits

5 videos - 26 photos

Hey Horny Babies,i m here for u. If you want full sexual pleasure feel free contect me with full of privecy. I m living in zirakpur,chandigarh and easily move on north india any city state for sex. Because sex is my first think other is also sex and i m a sex addicited good looking boy with a huge cock.. I like to eating pussy and ass hole deeply and taste pussy cum i love more . My kik Bigboyxvideo


Man: 25y (Japan) 47.2k visits

10 videos - 4 photos

Hi guys and girls I'm japanese student I love sex I'm always horney Enjoy my own videos There are only me I have kakao talk account(yuma072) , snap/chat(yuma072072072) and kik(ykk072) Show you my dick on kakao talk ! Plz tell me your account


Gay man: 27y (USA) 70.8k visits

1,965 favs

Born in 1994 , Cairo , Egypt . I'm top male looking for a female or male or both married bottom for having some fun . They/He/She should have free place to meet in Cairo . No cash please . Free sex . Also married couple would be great . I'm top


Gay man: 26y (Brazil) 13.9k visits

3 videos - 3 photos

Passivo, sigilo, sou de são Paulo zona leste São Mateus. Afim de sexo. chama pra trocar ideia ?


Man: (Australia) 1.4k visits

9 videos - 77 photos

G’day from Australia, I love being naked outdoors in my conservation forest, nudist lifestyle gets me horny so I wank off in various places around the forest and camp. No worries watching me piss! I love pissing among friends.


Man: 27y (India) 6.9k visits

8 videos - 11 photos

I am indian couple


Man: 32y (Belgium) 6k visits

3 videos - 5 photos

black africain grave baiseur et libre celles ou celui qui veulent n'esitez pas a me joindre sur mon mail .. [email protected] ou en chat ou whatsap

Asma Jat

Man: 27y (India) 63.3k visits

2 videos

I am a dashing and beautifull follow me and add me

Gordinho Gyn

Man: 30y (Brazil) 28.1k visits

9 videos - 4 photos

Sou de Goiânia e adoro chupar uma rola, raras vezes já dei (por falta de novas oportunidades). Sou gordinho com peitinho, e adoro que os chupem. Estou procurando novas experiências, não dispenso uma pegação, e uma boa punheta em lugares inusitados sempre em SIGILO é claro. Quem é da região manda mensagem ! Snap: gordinhogyn


Gay man: 29y (Brazil) 49.8k visits

22 videos - 1 fav


Gay man: 37y (USA) 28.2k visits

1 video - 11 favs


Man: 49y (USA) 12.2k visits

22 videos - 10 favs - 38 photos

Hot horny guy into threesomes, bi, tan fit and shaved. Into porn, watching and making. Awesome in the sack. Cock my dick getting sucked, am a professional at this.... can last for hours! Live in S.W. Fl. ....Gulf coast. I have over 1,000 views on one of my videos. (So thats kinda cool) Thankxxxxx!


Man: 30y (Brazil) 9.8k visits

7 videos - 3 photos

Passivo que adora deixar o cu bem largo e que metam sem dó nele. 27 anos, proximo de ribeirão preto. Se ta procurando uma pessoa pra mete a noite toda já encontrou.


Man: 53y (Brazil) 14.4k visits

4 videos - 502 favs

Meu nome é Roberto, moro na Vila Mariana/ SP. Olá Boy !!! você que tem de 18-25a, que procura amizade, sexo eventual ou relacionamento, e mora em SP entre em contato. #QueroLisinho #SexoSeguro #Discreto #Real #Preliminares #NaoFastFoda Obs: não aceito amizade de mulher (não curto)


Man: 29y (Brazil) 3.5k visits

14 videos - 14 photos

Bi-ativo que curte mulheres, trans e casais. Uma boa putaria sem muita frescura.. gosto muito de uma putaria ao ar livre, no carro em locais publicos.... so vem :P


Gay man: 40y (Greece) 4.3k visits

Είμαι παντρεμένος bi 36 ετών, με καλό αθλητικό σώμα, καθαρό και ξυρισμένο. Στην καθημερινότητα είμαι απόλυτα αρρενωπός και λάτρης του γυναικείου φύλου, τόσο που απολαμβάνω να φοράω εσώρουχα κρυφά κάποιες φορές και να παίζω με μεγάλους δονητές . Έχω κάποιες εμπειρίες κατά το παρελθόν με άντρες αλλά με ελκύει ο άλλος να έχει κοινά με μένα, να έχει καλό πούτσο, να παίζει με την τρύπα του, να είναι καθαρός(κλύσμα κλπ) με καλές αναλογίες καλό σώμα, ξυρισμένο και φαντασία, σκοπός είναι να έχουμε να πούμε και καμιά κουβέντα έως ότου μπούμε στο ψητό. Συγνώμη αν σας κούρασα! Παρακαλώ σοβαρά άτομα κοντινής ηλικίας, που κατανοούν, πάντα διακριτικά!! Good looking married bi guy 35 years old, mostly passive but with a useful cock if its needed. i enjoy to cross dress some times and im shaved. Looking for cross ,cpls or males for exploring sex fantasies, always secretly .Nice body s and shaved ones are prefered,near my age please


Man: 25y (Brazil) 41.3k visits

23 videos - 48 favs - 10 photos

De Santa Catarina - Florianópolis. 20 anos. Faço qualquer coisa por dinheiro ? $$$


Man: (USA) 2.3k visits

2 videos


Man: 31y (USA) 25.9k visits

20 videos - 35 favs - 70 photos

I like web cam and Skype.


Man: 32y (Brazil) 13.3k visits

2 videos

cara legal :) Good dude / Buen tipo whatsapp


Man: 50y (USA) 5.9k visits

408 favs - 2 photos

Showing off some 505.


Man: 32y (Brazil) 23.9k visits

Branco (até demais), 1,73m, 75kg. Moro só. Procuro pessoas interessantes e interessadas para manter algo REAL fixo. Email/Skype ([email protected]).

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